October 9, 2012

Online Flirting

  Let’s face it. The dating world is completely different then it was ten or even 5 years ago. Online dating has gained in popularity. Because of this the skill of online flirting has never been so important. Flirting really is an act of walking the proverbial tight
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Portrait Photography

Portrait photography can be spectacular. There are a few things to learn before taking portrait photos. These will help you understand the basics of what makes a good portrait. The good thing is that you don’t need a big studio or special equipment to take stunning portrait
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Live Healthier with Natural Foods

  Have you seen the movie where a man ate nothing but fast food for an entire month? If you saw the movie then you know the results on the man’s body, mind and spirit.He felt and looked terrible because of his choice in food. Are you considering making big changes in your
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Red-Eye Effect

Red-eye is an incident that happens only when taking photos using a flash. When taking pictures in day light or when in high ambient light situations people’s eyes will look normal. When taking pictures in low ambient light scenarios using a flash will often result in the dreaded
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