November 4, 2012

Canon Rebel T3i 600D Preview

Pros: Excellent image quality; Good grip; Full HD video recording; Swiveling LCD; Very fast autofocus; HDMI output. Cons: Slow frame rate for sports shooting; Tendency to overexpose in bright sunlight; Live View AF is slow; No microfocus adjustment.   Overall the Canon T3i
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Basic Stretching Exercises

What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? You stretch. Stretching feels good and it’s important to engage in regular stretching exercises in order to maintain a flexible and healthy body. Some benefits to stretching include: Reduced muscle tension
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The Diet Solution Review

Program: The Diet Solution Price: $47 Isabel De Los Rios, the creator of The Diet Solution, has helped many people around the world lose weight. She focuses on educating her clients about essential nutrition, fat loss, and gaining a healthy toned and energized body. The Diet
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Paleo Diet Recipe Book Review

Program: Paleo Diet Recipe Book Cost: $27 Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. But it’s a diet plan worth looking into. It’s called the Paleo Diet. There is a common misconception in the dieting world that you have to avoid food and eat less in
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