Portrait Photography

Portrait photography can be spectacular. There are a few things to learn before taking portrait photos. These will help you understand the basics of what makes a good portrait. The good thing is that you don’t need a big studio or special equipment to take stunning portrait
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Live Healthier with Natural Foods

  Have you seen the movie where a man ate nothing but fast food for an entire month? If you saw the movie then you know the results on the man’s body, mind and spirit.He felt and looked terrible because of his choice in food. Are you considering making big changes in your
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Red-Eye Effect

Red-eye is an incident that happens only when taking photos using a flash. When taking pictures in day light or when in high ambient light situations people’s eyes will look normal. When taking pictures in low ambient light scenarios using a flash will often result in the dreaded
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5 Great Online Dating Tips

Online dating is big. Let’s face it, it’s a great way to meet potential dates with similar interests.  Here’s a few pointers to help you out on your quest for love on the web. 1. It’s important to stay safe when finding dates online. When you create an
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Where to go for the First Date?

    It’s as old as time. Where do you go for the first date? It can be a little bit tricky at times. But before we get into where you should go lets cover where you should NOT go first.             Should you go with the old standby dinner and a movie date? Nope,
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Photographic Filters

Photographic filters are attachments that will allow certain kinds of light to be able to pass through, and reduce or even block out other unwanted kinds of light. Basically the term filter really means anything that changes the incoming light in some way. Common filters include:
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Quick Tips for Taking Better Pictures

Many people look at  a camera as just a tool to take a quick snapshot of someone smiling. Chances are if your reading this you’re not one of those people. You recognize the ability a camera has. You recognize the art form in photography. Taking photographs is not just a
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Why You Should Warm Up Before Exercising

We’re all guilty of it at some point or another. Perhaps we are short on time or maybe just really eager to get our exercise routine started. But the importance of warming up before any strenuous exercise should not be underrated. Many people skip the warm up stage and go
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The Importance of Vitamins

With vitamins being more sophisticated today then ever before they can be a great tool to help you live a healthy and disease free life. Some may not realize that food doesn’t give you all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. This is why its important to consider
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