Online Flirting

  Let’s face it. The dating world is completely different then it was ten or even 5 years ago. Online dating has gained in popularity. Because of this the skill of online flirting has never been so important. Flirting really is an act of walking the proverbial tight
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5 Great Online Dating Tips

Online dating is big. Let’s face it, it’s a great way to meet potential dates with similar interests.  Here’s a few pointers to help you out on your quest for love on the web. 1. It’s important to stay safe when finding dates online. When you create an
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Where to go for the First Date?

    It’s as old as time. Where do you go for the first date? It can be a little bit tricky at times. But before we get into where you should go lets cover where you should NOT go first.             Should you go with the old standby dinner and a movie date? Nope,
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